Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where I buy Puerto Rican Ingredients

Via Flickr:
Fresh fruits grocery on 5th ave between 49-50th streets. This is where all of the Puerto Rican sofito and pasteles ingredients are. I will be posting about pasteles very soon.

Why am I going to post about such a secret dish you ask? Well, I have come to realize that the world is changing. I had never learned how to make this traditional Puerto Rican dish and it pains me to know that my friends, cousins, aunts, uncles and moms never learned either. It is an art and it really is a group project. This past weekend I hosted the inaugural Pastele Making Party. It was a smash success. The best part, we were not all Puerto Rican. In fact, I dare say Puerto Ricans were the minority, which is why I will be posting about the pastele making. If we all begin to look for these ingredients, they will always be available.