Friday, December 4, 2009

What you see in Sunset Park: Old Tracks (speak easy)

sunset park [1], originally uploaded by bobtrancho.

I believe this image was shot on 2 ave. That area of Sunset Park apparently had trolleys (this info is not something I personally have confirmed although the tracks speak for themselves).

Another rumor was there were a few Speak Easy s here in Sunset Park by the docks. An inside source tells a story of "accidentally" ;) finding themselves in one, while working as a Mover back in the 70's.

After finishing a shift, they and some colleagues toured an empty warehouse. A door stood out among the rest so they entered. To their surprise, it lead to an ornate basement quite obviously decorated in the 20's style complete with oak and brass furnishings. The conditions that made the biggest impression and gave them a clue as to where they were was a bar, table, and chairs.