Friday, December 18, 2009

The Neighbor's Christmas Lights

Nothing says Christmas like decorative lights! Here are some homes that warm up the area on a typical crisp night.

Above image is a detail of the display below...

"Wow!" That’s all I could say. The photograph doesn’t do it justice. My cousin and I were taking bets… did they plan this all year? Or was it a weekend inspiration? Either way, these two brownstones finished off beautifully.

Shot on 50th street between 4th ave and 5th ave.

This is a detail of the house on 50th street.

Another cold and quite night on 4th ave. Shot between 46 and 47th street with a slow shutter. All of the colors are desaturated accept for the red.

This is a cute way to be greeted… The little drummer boy moves his arms to play the drum. I forgot what street this was on… I think it’s 47th?... between 4th and 5th.

Next door to this house was the palm tree house(below). I must admit, got a little home sick after walking passed.

This image reminds of a parranda, a tradition practiced in Puerto Rico. What is a "paranda"? Please read below. A quote from

" The parranderos [equivalent to carolers in the U.S.] arrive at the destination and then very quietly gather by the front door. At a signal all start playing their instruments and singing. The parrandas usually begin after 10pm in order to surprise and wake the sleeping friend. The parranderos are invited in and refreshments, music and dance follow. Of course we don't surprise unsuspecting victims. The parranderos are given plenty of "hints" before hand by the homeowner that he is ready to receive a parranda. "

Silent Night on 46th street between 4th and 5th aves.