Saturday, January 9, 2010

Before and After: Park Entrance 6th Ave and 44th St.

Here is a photograph I came across not too long ago and really wanted to post. The image was clearly shot from above probably from the building on the corner of 6th ave and 44th street. If anyone out there has an image of the park at this angle today, please consider submitting it to the Sunset Park Stills group on Flickr. It is a such a great image to compare. I have been pleasantly surprised to see visitors from all over the world tap this site. It would be fabulous for them to also see a the way it looks now. The color photo above is the best I could do.

What has changed? For one thing, the trees are toddlers compared to the way they presently look. The lamp posts around the outside of the park have been renovated to the aluminum colored ones that are popular along highways in the US. My native Sunset Park source says the play park looked like this (with monkey bars, swings, and see-saw) until the late 80's. There was a sandbox, which was the long rectangle inside the enclosed circle and the triangle with a tree inside (beside the 2 walkers), is gone. Perhaps deleted to make room for the play park that is in use today.