Tuesday, January 5, 2010

El Dia De Los Reyes (Three Kings Day)

Three Kings Day is an old holiday I never celebrated growing up. Now that I am old(er) and wise(r), it is a day my family and I look forward to not just because we can still drink Coquito, but it gives us a chance to give (and get) more gifts.

Basically what happens on the night before Three Kings Day (Jan 5), children fill a shoe box (yes, a shoe box) with hay (yes, hay). This is to feed the camel, horse, and elephant of the noble kings. The boxes are to be tucked under the parents or grandparents bed on the eve. Then in the morning, the kings would have left a gift or two inside each box (one box per child).

In Mexico, the tradition is to also eat Rosca De Reyes with some coffee after dinner.

It is a wonderful tradition we have continued as my family gets older and I hope to continue until I have great grand-kids. My only issue has been, where in the heck world do I find hay in Sunset Park?

...Generally, we pluck some grass from the park.

For more info on this holiday, visit El Boricua